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1000V GULLEY RIG – SANS 61439-1 &2 Ed. 2 TESTS

In synergy with the overall drive to Zero harm in the electrical industry, JB Switchgear proudly announces the completion and successful testing of its new 1000V underground Gulley Box.

The prototype Gulley Box was developed, engineered and tested by JB Switchgear, the testing was completed at NEFTA on the 24th May 2017. This unit provides enhanced operator safety by means of our patented slide type and Isolation mechanism and internal arc venting arrangement.

We at JB switchgear are proud to announce that these are the first low voltage tests conducted at 1000 V in the South African Electrical industry. Our Gulley Box is the first in the country to successfully pass, low voltage short circuit withstand and internal arc tests at 1000V. The tests were conducted in accordance with the requirements set out in SANS 61439-1 & 2 Ed. and SANS 61641: 2015.

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