Custom Control Panels

Control panels are essentially the heartbeat of each and every machine, process or equipment in your industrial installation. When they’re working properly, they make the running of your operations seamless and hassle-free. But if they’ve been badly designed, or they’re not actually compatible with your processes, things can rapidly go wrong.

Occasionally, larger scale or more advanced operations need more sophisticated programming than can be found with standard control panels. This is when a custom control panel really comes into its own, easily and safely satisfying the unique specifications of your particular application. Applications suited to custom control panels are often those that integrate multiple pieces of equipment or system processes into one unified solution.

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What Is A Custom Control Panel?

A custom control panel is a purpose-built solution that’s made to order and individually engineered. It’s built either as a complex or single source control solution, specifically to address customer challenges, such as facilitating the monitoring and operation of diverse operations or operating in hazardous locations.

As with any custom-made product, a custom control panel gives you exactly what you need for your particular operation. Perhaps you need a unique one-off. Or maybe you need a solution to managing complex controls where no two installations can be exactly alike. It often happens with today’s modern machinery that you have a multitude of different panels tackling different operations throughout your plant. This is not only cumbersome and unproductive, it can also be expensive. Custom control panels are the perfect way to streamline your processes – without the high overhead expense associated with rigid, “batch” manufacturing.


Are Custom Control Panels Right For Me?

It all depends on your needs, the challenges you’re currently facing with your existing control requirements, and how your business is set up. Before deciding that this is the route you’d like to take, ask the company you’ve tasked with making your custom control panels to conduct a project needs analysis. They will look at the electrical and environmental requirements, the operator interface and the required functionality, among others, to accurately assess your needs. They also need to make sure the panels will be in the proper enclosure in relation to their environment.

It may happen that you already know exactly what you need, and may even have a design and drawings ready. Most companies will still, however, benefit from the perspective of an expert opinion. A professional company will be able to review your schematics relating to issues such as cost-mitigation, compliance, overall design, and manufacturing efficiency.

JB Switchgear designs and manufactures custom control panels for indoor or outdoor applications. Our highly experienced team is ready to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to your needs. Our custom control panels – like all our products – carry national and international certification for performance and safety. This is your assurance of a quality product that’s both reliable and safe.

If you’d like to know more about how we can custom-design, manufacture and install your control panels,chat with us today.