Eazyreach Swivel Lighting Pole

Eazyreach consist of a range of PATENTED poles for lighting purposes, primarily for plants and mining applications, such as conveyors, gangways, etc. The purpose of this product is to allow the Safe and Efficient maintenance of lighting and other fixtures.

The Eazyreach swivel pole is a one-man operation. By simply loosening 2 nuts, the Eazyreach pole can pivot down to a point at which maintenance can take place in a controlled and safe manner. When swinging the pole back to it’s normal functional position, a safety finger flips down and locks the pole in place, in order for the worker to safely retighten the nuts that will secure them to the system.

The pole is manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel, made to withstand most harsh conditions, or optionally, 304 Stainless Steel. The design of the pole can be used for lighting fixtures and bulkheads of various shapes, sizes and designs. All cabling runs inside the pole.

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