Field Isolators

Thanks to the high demand for an isolator that focussed on maximum ease of use as well as the highest standards in safety, JB Switchgear developed a field isolator that met the needs of our customers and exceeded their expectations.

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Benefits of field isolators

Field isolators are an important part of the electrical installation in a variety of industries including mining, process plants, water treatment plant, etc.

Field isolators enable the motors to be switched off and locked-out in the field, normally in close proximity to the motor, without the need to switch off the upstream circuit breaker in the substation, which may be far away.


Innovative design for mining industry

JB Switchgear developed a specialised mining type field isolator with an enhanced design for harsh mining site conditions. Previously standard external door handles on isolators were often damaged resulting in the compromise of safety and operational reliability. Thanks to the innovative sliding mechanism introduced in our mining type field isolators, the need for an external door-interlocked handle was negated.


Features of the mining type field isolator

The sliding door mechanism operates directly on the isolator toggle, whilst retaining the door interlock feature. Other features of JB Switchgear’s mining type field isolator’s sliding mechanism include lock-out provision and easy-to-see visual ON/OFF status of the isolator.

Optional features include:

  • Emergency stop button/start button
  • Ammeter
  • Isolator auxiliary contacts.


Custom-made to your specifications

JB Switchgear custom-designs and manufactures the mining type field isolators to bespoke customer specifications. All enclosures are made for outdoor applications and come in a variety of steels and additional extras, which include:

  • Mild steel, 3CR12 and 304 stainless steel.
  • Full size canopies are also available
  • In specific cases the enclosures can be fitted with a PVC curtain in front of the field isolator
  • Three standard sizes to cater for motors up to 250kW are available.


Upon installation, JB Switchgear will provide customers with detailed training and a full technical data sheet with dimensions and ratings.

Chat to JB Switchgear today about the benefits and features of our field isolators and your custom specifications needed too.