The Benefits of Diesel Gen Sets

Ever wonder why American actor Vin Diesel doesn’t call himself Vin Petrol? Apart from the fact that Vin Petrol really just sounds, well, wrong, the word “diesel” evokes associations of power, ruggedness and strength that go well with the action movie hero’s onscreen persona.

And for good reason:

Diesel, as a fuel, delivers up to three times more power than petrol, and diesel engines generally last longer and don’t need as much maintenance as their petrol-powered counterparts. Coincidentally, these are also two of the reasons why diesel gen sets are the obvious choice when it comes reliability and fuel efficiency.

How Do Diesel Engines Work?

Diesel engines, although still internal combustion engines, can more accurately be described as compression ignition engines. This is because, unlike a petrol engine that uses a spark plug for ignition, the fuel in a diesel engine is ignited using high temperatures and compressed air.

The lack of an electrical ignition system makes diesel engines extremely reliable as, during its combustion cycle, the changes in pressure within the engine are far less violent than in a spark ignition engine. The whole impressive process was invented in 1892 by Rudolf Diesel – no relation to Vin, by the way, whose real name is actually Mark Sinclair!

Why Choose A Diesel Gen Set?

Modern diesel generators are designed to meet a range of residential, commercial and industrial power needs – either as an emergency back-up, or as the primary source of electricity. In backup generators, the switchgear continuously monitors the electrical current, and automatically transfers the load to the generators if power is interrupted for any reason.

Some of their key benefits include:

  • Fuel-efficient – some diesel engines use up to half as much fuel as comparable petrol engines, therefore offering a longer running time without compromised capacity.
  • Cost efficient – in most countries, diesel is cheaper than petrol, meaning diesel generators are cheaper to run.
  • Less maintenance – designed to run for long hours in many different, and sometimes difficult, environments. No spark plugs or carburetors mean fewer things can go wrong.
  • Longer lasting – diesel engines can last up to three times longer than petrol ones.
  • Safer – diesel fuel is less explosive and has a much higher flash point than petrol, which greatly reduces the risk of a blast or fire.
  • More ecofriendly – Diesel fuel burns cleaner than petrol, is less flammable and doesn’t evaporate as quickly.

JB Switchgear sells a full range of ‘Efficient Power’ diesel Gen Sets from 62.5 kVA to 750 kVA. Chat to us about how we can help you meet your power needs.