63A Interlocked Switch Socket Feeder

Project Description

The JB Switchgear socket feeders are of composite design featuring a high-quality steel enclosure with IP 55 protection and transparent window to check the status of the 30 mA earth leakage circuit breaker, which is fully shrouded for protection against accidental contact. The unit comes standard with a set of looping terminals that can accommodate cables up to 95 mm². A 10 mm Ø brass-earthing stud is also provided for termination inside or outside the enclosure. Cable entry is via a removable gland plate at the top or bottom, and the standard finish is durable epoxy-coating in electric orange. The switch sockets are mechanically interlocked units, which are made from cast aluminium and epoxy-coated in electric orange. These sockets are of heavy duty design and are also suitable for outdoor installation, featuring high-quality materials throughout. Special safety feature: An incorporated earth leakage circuit-breaker unit will detect a fault and trip to isolate the socket where the actual fault occurs, namely in the plugged-in equipment, and not in a distribution board, which may be far distanced. In addition, the tripped feeder will only render one user out of order and not a chain of sockets as is the case where one earth leakage unit protects a chain of socket outlets.