Welding Socket Feeders

Thanks to JB Switchgear’s range of welding socket feeders, customised to each customer’s specifications and needs, enhanced performance and earth leakage protection is guaranteed – all of which will improve productivity.

When it comes to the benefits of using custom-built welding socket feeders, the benefits are numerous.

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Earth Leakage Protection

Avoid downtimes, delays and unnecessary safety breeches by installing welding socket feeders that allow welding and maintenance to take place easily. JB Switchgear’s welding socket feeder design allows for integral earth leakage protection and maximum safety standard adherence.


Enhanced Performance

Using the right equipment and technology allows workers the ability to enhance their performance and maximise output.


Ease of Use

Thanks to our efficient design and the fact that we customise each welding socket feeder to each client, the ease of use of the equipment will allow for speeded up performance and productivity.

If you are in need of high-quality, custom-built welding socket feeders that promote enhanced productivity, chat to us about your specifications today.