About Us

Corporate Social Initiative

JB Switchgear Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of East Rand Children’s Haven. It is truly a worthy cause and huge blessing to watch these special young children grow up to be happy and healthy adults.

At JB Switchgear Solutions, we are committed to ongoing development and upliftment of our people, who we regard as the company’s greatest asset.

At JB Switchgear Solutions, we are committed to ongoing development and upliftment of our people,
who we regard as the company’s greatest asset.

We are actively developing young technical students for careers in engineering and design.

We develop and train young technical staff into technician/ testing and commissioning capabilities.

We have an ongoing enterprise development program.

We sponsor care workers for a children’s home along with numerous community initiatives such as feeding schemes. such as old age homes.

Our Symbol

The eagle’s vision is legendary. It sees detail that others don’t, often from afar. It has the ability to focus on large and small opportunities with equal dexterity and commitment.

The eagle is equally at home on solid ground, or soaring at great altitudes to where it rises above all else. From high above it can see the big picture, and study its surrounds for opportunities and threats.

Eagles are known for their strength and intelligence. Yet they never abuse these qualities. They will hunt their prey, protect their families and defend their territory with skill and total commitment. They have a special ability to interpret their surrounds, and to position themselves to take advantage of opportunities.

These qualities are, what inspire us at JB Switchgear. We want to be visionary, to rise above our competition, and to establish ourselves as a strong and respected player in the market. We want to be… The Eagle

Key CLients

Our footprint covers the African continents and numerous other global installations.
Our clients include large, multi-national companies, project houses, consultants, local businesses and small contractors.

Our Vision

To establish a successful company that provides excellent solutions, products and services to our customers through focus, commitment and innovation.

Our Mission Statement

To become the preferred supplier to all our customers by exceeding their expectations of integrity, value, quality and service.

Our Value Drivers

  • Never underestimate the value of our customers, and listen to their needs with an open mind. Create a professional work environment where respect, ethics, commitment and reward are always visible.

  • Stay abreast of technological development through continuous improvement and training programmes. Remain committed to the cornerstones of ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ in everything we do.

  • Demonstrate a responsible value system with regard to our country, our employees and the environment.

Board of Directors

Our Team of Specialists

Sharad Hingorani

Managing Director

Over 18 years experience in the fields of project management, engineering design, manufacturing and commissioning. Holds a Pr Eng registration with ECSA and is a senior member of the SAIEE.

Sulayman Ally

Director Estimating Manager

Over 20 years experience in the fields of production, estimating and customer relations. Strong negotiation skills and divisional management flair.

Fabian Dondel

Director Project Manager

Over 17 years experience in the fields of production, MCC design and project management. Underwent development and training through JB Switchgear’s development programme.

Jacqueline Phalane

Non Executive Director

Holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Studies. She has a strong background in accounting functions and interpersonal skills, rendering valuable input into the company’s strategic growth.

Johan Basson

Founder/Business Mentor

Extensive experience in the industry of which over 40 years has been at top management level. A fellow member of the SAIEE and held the chairmanship of two large industry associations. Actively involved in new product development, and serves on various technical committees governing electrical switchgear assemblies. Passionate about excellence, and empowering young minds to achieve full potential. Has played a major role in mentoring managers, staff and learners alike.