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Pre-fabricated modular substations, built to client specifications. Excellent and cost-effective alternative to conventional brick and mortar buildings.

Prefabricated substations are an excellent and cost-effective alternative to more conventional brick and mortar buildings. They have evolved from the first pre-manufactured substations, which used standard ISO marine containers. Marine containers still provide an excellent and economical optio ...
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Containerised Substations

Marine containers modified for substation application. Options include insulation, flooring, lighting & small power, air conditioning, fire suppression.

More than ever before, businesses are under pressure to reduce their operational costs and maximise their profits. One key area where big industries can make significant cost savings is by using purpose-made, contain ...
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A comprehensive range of fixed, de-mountable and withdrawable motor control centres which comply with relevant IEC and SANS standards.

Think about what happens when you switch on your kettle in the morning. Apart from the encouraging noises it makes, indicating that coffee is not far away, all kinds of clever things are going in inside the kettle’s electrical circuitry. Every electric mo ...
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Floor standing heavy-duty distribution boards with current ratings up to 6000 amps. Comply with relevant standards.

Whether electricity is produced from natural gas, coal, oil, nuclear, hydroelectric systems, wind or solar, it goes through three basic production stages – generation, transmission and distribution. Each stage does pretty much what it says on the tin. Electricity is generated through the conversion of thermal energy to ...
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Range of wall-mounting distribution boards and kiosks, ideally suited for industrial installations.

Even the most electrically challenged of us know where the distribution board is in our house. We’re pretty good at remembering, if we have a power problem, to check if any of the switches have tripped. We probably even know how to switch the geyser off if we’re going away for an extended period.
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Comprehensive range of floor standing panels for automation and related applications.

Marshalling is a word we often use to describe the organising, or gathering together, of a group of people or things. Think of “the general marshalled his troops,” for example. In computer terminology, marshalling is the process of gathering data and transform ...
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Comprehensive range to open and enclosed starter panels, designed to customer requirements and manufactured for indoor or outdoor applications.

Think about when you first get on a bicycle and start riding. Even on a flat stretch of road, you really have to push down on the pedals to start moving. You use a lot more muscle power to get going than to keep going – imagine how much energy you’d expend if you had to keep pedaling with the same force with which you ...
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Any customer – specific panel, designed and manufactured for indoor or outdoor applications.

Control panels are essentially the heartbeat of each and every machine, process or equipment in your industrial installation. When they’re working properly, they make the running of your operations seamless and hassle-free. But if they’ve been badly designed, or they’re not actually compatible with your processes, t ...
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Standard or special enclosures to suit customer needs and specifications. Available in mild steel, 3CR12 or 304 stainless steel. Variety of colours.

Whether large or small, JB Switchgear Solutions is dedicated to designing and manufacturing custom-made enclosures for a range of customer needs. Thanks to the range of features of our standard and specialised enclosures, our customers are guaranteed a supe ...
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Range of field isolator panels manufactured to suit customer requirements.

Thanks to the high demand for an isolator that focussed on maximum ease of use as well as the highest standards in safety, JB Switchgear developed a field isolator that met the needs of our customers and exceeded their expectations.
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Range of Welding Socket Feeders with integral earth leakage protection.

Thanks to JB Switchgear’s range of welding socket feeders, customised to each customer’s specifications and needs, enhanced performance and earth leakage protection is guaranteed – all of which will improve productivity. When it comes to the benefits ...
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Electrical component spares and equipment

We offer a full range of electrical component spares and equipment to support any customer installed base. Contact us for assistance tailored to your needs. ...
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Comprehensive range of products including PV Kiosks, string boxes, generator junction boxes, AC/DC distribution and control panels.

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources is one of the most effective measures we can take to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. Thankfully, we are finally starting to do more than pay lip service to this, and are actively taking measurable steps towards creating a world ...
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NEW! – Eazyreach consist of a range of PATENTED poles for lighting purposes, primarily for plants and mining

Eazyreach consist of a range of PATENTED poles for lighting purposes, primarily for plants and mining applications, such as conveyors, gangways, etc. The purpose of this product is to allow the Safe and Efficient maintenance of lighting and other fixtures. ...
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