Pre-Fabricated Substations

Pre-fabricated modular substations, built to client specifications. Excellent and cost-effective alternative to conventional brick and mortar buildings.

Containerised Substations

Containerised Substations

Marine containers modified for substation application. Options include insulation, flooring, lighting & small power, air conditioning, fire suppression.

Motor Control Centres

A comprehensive range of fixed, de-mountable and withdrawable motor control centres which comply with relevant IEC and SANS standards.

VSD’s and Soft Starters

Comprehensive range to open and enclosed starter panels, designed to customer requirements and manufactured for indoor or outdoor applications.

Custom Control Panels

Any customer – specific panel, designed and manufactured for indoor or outdoor applications.


Standard or special enclosures to suit customer needs and specifications. Available in mild steel, 3CR12 or 304 stainless steel. Variety of colours.

Field Isolators

Range of field isolator panels manufactured to suit customer requirements.